It’s all about me...

I’ve been working as a freelance editor and writer for about four years now. People seem to like what I do – well, they keep coming back which I’m taking as a good sign. Before I set up on my own I worked for a language agency in London who taught me my writing skills. And before that I was an editor for various publishing companies where I saved readers from ghastly grammar and terrible typos (correcting ‘pasty’ to ‘party’ in a legal doc sticks in my mind for some reason). I can spot a comma splice a mile off and have been known to correct apostrophe mistakes on road signs with a marker pen.

Maybe keep that last bit to yourself. 

What I do

As is hopefully obvious from the name of this site, I’m an editor and writer. So if you want something – anything – written, I’m your woman. I also do copyediting and proofreading, as well as a bit of editorial project management. If you have a project and you think that I can help (sorry, I went a bit A-team there), contact me for a chat.

I also have a sausage dog. Which doesn’t have anything to do with what I do, but gives me an excuse to include the odd picture of her on here.

Where I am

After a long time living in London, these days I’m based in Suffolk. I don’t mind a bit of travel, but luckily for all of us the wonders of the internet mean I can work with you wherever you are. 

Want to know more?

I won’t bore you with my whole CV. But if you’d like to see it get in touch and I’ll send it on over.

Gratuitous picture of my dog