Thanks for coming.

My name’s Emma and I’m a freelance editor and writer. I specialise in making boring, robotic-sounding copy into hard-working words that are interesting to read. Whether that’s an email for your customers, a blog post, an annual report, a shampoo bottle label – anything and everything that needs words. 

How it works

I can start from scratch, or I can take your existing copy and turn it into something else – always making sure it sounds how you want to sound, and works as hard as it can for you.

Already happy with your words? 

I’ll use my proofreading skills to make sure your grammar’s gorgeous and your punctuation’s perfect. Because getting those things wrong can make even the most polished prose look sad and unprofessional.

Get in touch to find out more. Or have a look at the difference a rewrite can make.

Arrived here by accident?

Why not check out my wordy blog before you go? Or have a look at the word of the week.

Blowing my own trumpet

Here are some nice things people (by which I mean colleagues and clients, not just my mates) have said about me and my work.

You’re a life saver Em – just like the Hoff. Thank you.
— A happy client editor of the highest calibre.
— A previous employer
If I had to assemble a team of writers to save the world in an Armageddon-style scenario, Emma would be one of my first picks.
— A fellow writer